Do you have a manuscript or article you would like polished before submitting it for publication? If so, I can help!

Professional Associations

I am (or have been) a member of the following associations:


Proofreading Services

Are you at the final draft stage of your masterpiece? Consider having your manuscript proofread before going to print. After all the time and effort you've spent producing the perfect manuscript, there's nothing worse than finding a mistake in your finished product. Prevent last minute typographical and formatting errors before going to print. I can do a review of your final draft for error detection and correction. 

$35 per hour.

Layout Services

Need help setting up a project that you want to print or produce yourself? I can help you design your project, assist with graphics and aid with page layouts.

I have aided authors such as Philip Smith, Timothy Carter and K. D. Miller with some of their works.

$50 per hour.

Editing Services

Sometimes you may have a great idea for an article or story, but find you need help in getting your thoughts collected in a manner that will ready it for publication. This substantive editing ensures an author’s writing means what they meant it to mean. It can include light edits (changes to the theme, typeface, tone, structure, characters, elements of intellectual property held by the author, spelling, and grammar which do not deviate from the author’s speech patterns) or heavy edits (substantively changing the tone, structure, characters or other elements of intellectual property contained in the work).

$50 per hour.

Copy Editing Services
I will help you improve your style, aid you with formatting and accuracy and correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and terminology.

$50 per hour.

Editorial Credits

Editor-in-Chief, Stonebunny Press, 2010-present
Editor, 'The Tidings' (medieval club newsletter), 2014-2016
Editor, ‘Ursus’ (medieval club newsletter), 2002-2004
Editor, ‘Games Period’ (medieval club newsletter), 2002
Editor, ‘TankArd’ (medieval club newsletter), 2001-2002
Editor, ‘Kidsworthy’ (CNIB audio magazine), 2001-2006

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