Interested in writing your memoirs? Always thought about trying your hand at a novel? Have the ideas but don't think you can write a whole book? If you have an idea for a great story, but feel you lack the necessary skills to put your thoughts on paper in a style suitable for publication, I can help! Let me assist you in making your dream a reality!

Current ghost writing rates (articles): $75 per hour.

Current ghost writing rates (novel): to be negotiated on a project by project basis.

Professional Associations
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Todd's Credits

Anthology Appearances

"Idyll of the Chiroptera," The Best of Helios Magazine (Aurelia Leo, 2020)

"Casual Friday," Corporate Cthulhu (Pickman's Press, 2018)

"Wraiths," Untimely Frost (Lycan Valley Publications, 2018)


Rings (Stonebunny Press, 2018)

A Canadian Bestiary, Second Edition: Revised and Expanded (Stonebunny Press, 2018)

Ossa poetices: A Cyclopedia of Early, Medieval and Renaissance Poetic Forms, Devices and Genres (Stonebunny Press, 2017)

Carmena Ealdormeriensis (Stonebunny Press, 2016)

The Book of the Order of Chivalry of Sir Nigel MacFarlane (Stonebunny Press, 2016)

Lion-Wolf of Ealdormere (Stonebunny Press, 2015)

Florilegium historiarum Septentriae (Stonebunny Press, 2015)

The Wolf, the Wilds, and the Will (Stonebunny Press, 2015)

A Canadian Bestiary (Stonebunny Press, 2014)

Septentrius Historium (Stonebunny Press, 2011)

Things Yet Undreamed (Stonebunny Press, 2011)

Home to Roost (Stonebunny Press, 2010)

Family History (Stonebunny Press, 2010)

Christmas Stalkings: Strange Tales of Christmas (Stonebunny Press, 2010)

The Compendium of Colyne (Stonebunny Press, 2010)

Trilus Historium (Stonebunny Press, 2010)

of things gone mad: stygian verse (Stonebunny Press, 2010)

Steeds of Autumn: poetry (Stonebunny Press, 2010)

Wolfen Elegy (Stonebunny Press, 2010)

The Badge Broccan (Stonebunny Press, 2010)

Chapbooks (authored)

Strange Revelations (imelod Publications, 1999)

Carnival Delights (imelod Publications, March 1998)

Dark Embraces (imelod Publications, November 1997)

Dreams of Raven Roost Vol. I (imelod Publications, December 1997)

A Far Better Thing (imelod Publications)

Chapbooks (appearances)

The Ancient Track (imelod, October 1998)

The Sorcerer’s Apprentices (Sunken Citadel/Tenoka Press, 1998)

When Old Gods Awaken #1 (June 1998)


Anarchy Bunny (imelod Publications)

Rotting Rabbit Horror Comics (imelod Publications, Issue 1)

Magazine, Litzine, Webzine and Other Zine Appearances
  • Chuck's Bargain Basement, #1 
  • Cthulhu Cultus, #11, #12, #15 
  • Drowning in Company: The Toronto Small Press Fair Instant Anthology, Toronto Small Press Group, (Spring 1998) 
  • Durham Literary Guild Journal, 1991 
  • Erewhon, Vol. 1, Issue 2, No. 3 
  • Existere, Vol. 18 Issue 2, Vol. 18 Issue 3 
  • Helios Quarterly, Vol 2 Issue 2 (June 2017)
  • imelod, #1 - 11 
  • The Innsmouth Archive (internet, January 1998) 
  • Nightscapes #17 (Dec 2006) 
  • NonBinary Review #13 (June 2017)
  • The People of Innsmouth #27 (July/Aug 1997) 
  • RAGE machine, July, 1998, December 1998, April 1999 
  • Scryptic Magazine 1.2, September 2017
  • Tales of Lovecraftian Horror #9 (Lammas 1998) 
  • Terata: Abnormalities of Literature (Necropolitan Press, 1998) 
  • Unlikely Voices (July 2018)
  • Writers' Journal, Vol 20 #3

"The Book of the Order of Chivalry." The Compleat Anachronist, Issue Number 174, First Quarter, 2017

"Composing SCA Award Texts," The Compleat Anachronist, Issue Number 167, First Quarter, 2015. (monograph)

Writing Credits
  • Contributor, Artoronto.ca, 2017
  • Contributor, Biff Bam Pop (webblog), 2008-2009
  • Contributor, Spaceship Zero RPG, Green Ronin Publishing, 2002
  • Contributor, Toronto Computes, 2002
  • Correspondent (Ontario), SCAtoday (webblog) 2005
  • Editorials, ‘The Vandoo’ Vanier College Newspaper, 1996-1998
  • Writer, ‘Kidsworthy’ (CNIB audio magazine), 2001-2006
  • Writer, various publications for local hobby groups, 2001-present
  • Writer, The Scoop (Stone Mills Township newspaper), 2019-present

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