Tuesday, November 23, 2010

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Welcome to yet another literary blog! This one is home to Todd H. C. Fischer, an artist, writer, photographer, gamer and designer who is available to help you with your endeavours!


Editing: $50 per hour
Ghost writing: $75 per hour
Illustration (pen and ink): $65 per hour


Livejournal: http://todd-fischer.livejournal.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=171564749539483#!/profile.php?id=882730541
Suite101: http://www.suite101.com/profile.cfm/736255
EditFast: http://editfast.com/english/editors/Todd-25310.htm
LinkedIn: http://ca.linkedin.com/pub/todd-fischer/27/87a/6aa

BA Double Honours Degree, English and Creative Writing, York University, April 1999.


CNIB Innovative Idea Award, 2008 (won)
CNIB Innovative Idea Award, 2003 (nominated)
CNIB Team Spirit Award, 1999 (nominated)
Chuck Award for best story, RAGE machine, July 1998 (won)
Existere 1997-1998 Poetry Contest (runner-up)
Bad Moon Books Blood and Guts Horror Writing Contest 1997 (runner-up)
Entrepreneurship Excellence, Henry Street High School, 1993 (won)
Information Design Award, Henry Street High School, 1991 (won)


Creative Writing Workshops, 1989-1994                                
Modes of Fantasy, 1997
Canadian Literature (prose, poetry, drama), 1996-1999           
Story Telling, 1996
Victorian Literature (prose, poetry, drama), 1996-9999           
Prose Narrative, 1998
Satire, 1999                                                                            
Medieval Literature, 1999
Graphics, 1989-1993                                                              
Information Design, 1991
Aboriginal Awareness, 2001                                                    
Intermediate Microsoft Word, 2002     
CNIB Impact Training, 1999                                                   
CNIB Braille (Grade 2), 2000
CS High Rise Window Washing Course, 1995
Writers in Electronic Residence (WIER) Program, 1993


Freelance Writer and Artist, 2002-present
Wrote a monthly column on small press publishing for Toronto Computes! in 2002; had stories appear in various publications; designed various logos and book covers.

Freelance Playtester, various companies, 2001-2002
Alone and with teams, test the mechanics and playability of various games (board, card and role-playing).

Editor-Publisher, imelod Publications, 1995-2001
Publishing various small press publications, editing manuscripts, assigning and gathering art, and creating layouts using Windows 95 and 98, Word Perfect, Microsoft Works, Microsoft Publisher, and others.

Managing Editor, Vandoo (Vanier College Newspaper), 1997-1998
Accepting or rejecting articles, delegating assignments and working as liaison for the editor-in-chief and the staff.

Cartoon Editor, Vandoo (Vanier College Newspaper), 1996-1997
Accepting or rejecting cartoons and creating layouts.

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Yet another literary blog!

This one is home to Todd H. C. Fischer, an artist, writer, photographer, gamer and designer who is available to help you with your endeavours!

All works on this page are (c) Todd H. C. Fischer, 1997-2020.

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