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Re: Rings

Todd H.C. Fischer’s Rings is about the dynamics of family – loss and grief, and how we deal with those that should be closest to us. It’s about memories, and how they can’t help but linger in our heads, months and years later. Rings is a very human novel.
~ Andy Burns, author of Wrapped in Plastic: Twin Peaks

Todd writes a story of family and history, with details just outlandish enough to be true. Filled with solid characters, touching drama and good humour, Rings is a tale of ancestry that could easily have been your own. But it’s not yours. It’s his. And that’s what makes it great.
~ Timothy Carter, author of The Five Demons You Met in Hell

Re: "Casual Friday" in Corporate Cthulhu (Pickman's Press, 2018)

"a light and enjoyable tale"

In my poetry collection, 𝑻𝒉𝒆 π‘ͺ𝒐𝒗𝒆𝒏'𝒔 π‘―π’π’“π’π’ƒπ’π’π’Œ & 𝑢𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒓 π‘·π’π’†π’Žπ’” (2019, Bold Venture Press), I use many of the forms found in your impressive collection. THANKS MUCH for this book.
- Frank Coffman

As one of the early beta-readers for this book, I can state with some confidence that there are very few resources out there that provide such a comprehensive quick-start into writing early poetic forms from so many different centuries, languages and cultures. The author has summarized information from many, many different sources into a single easily-indexable reference volume, including numerous historic and modern examples, and I am confident this book will rapidly become an invaluable resource for both recreational medievalists (including bards and scroll authors from the Society for Creative Anachronism and similar groups), as well as modern-day poetry aficionados and students of literature.
- Beta Reader, review

Older Reviews

Re: “Arkham”

“I really loved [Arkham]…I absolutely loved the idea!  A real hoot!”
- James Ambuehl (author, Correlated Contents)

Re: artwork

“Feel free to send any files of your art that I can use in DL.  Your style is original and works well …”
- Ron Shiflet (editor, Dark Legacy)

Re: “The Busman’s World”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this ... [Fischer] has a real gift for storytelling ... a real page turner ...”
- Susan Musgrave (author of The Charcoal Burners)

“[Fischer has] a good eye for detail which gives [his] writing personality and a kind of authenticity within the imagined world.”
- Darlene Quaife (author of Bone Bird)

“Characters are quickly realized, scenes instantly set, the dialogue unforced, and the stories movement unpredictable ... sophisticated in technique, rich in detail: a good writer allowing the story to go where it, the story, wants to go.”
- Leon Rooke (author of Shakespeare’s Dog)

Re: Dark Embraces

“I honestly enjoyed everything  ... very exciting ... all very well done--impressive ... I enjoyed [Fischer’s] art ... a cool writer + editor ...”
- Jeffrey Thomas (Necropolitan Press)

“[Dark Embraces is a] very sharp, professional-looking, very nicely illustrated collection ... a truly wonderful job ... I hope it goes into multiple printings quickly.”
- Jeffrey Thomas (Necropolitan Press)

“I enjoyed [Dark Embraces] ... it really creeped me out ... really well done; very, very disturbing ... [Fischer’s] imagination is original ... a distinct voice ...”
- W. H. Pugmire (author of Tales of Sesqua Valley)

Re: Dreams of Raven Roost, Vol. I

 “I must tell you, I absolutely LOVED RAVEN ROOST!  As an exRPGer myself, I found the characterization spot-on, and would have loved to have been able to join in on some of those gaming sessions myself!  And I really smiled widely at the fact that the Sigma Satans had a pile of heavy metal CDs and RPGs!!!
“In fact, I was reading through DELTA GREEN: ALIEN INTELLIGENCE (again, secret government organization vs the Mythos and the supernatural) at the same time as RAVEN ROOST -- and I was so much more thrilled by yours that I put AI down and finished reading yours first!
“Well, can’t wait for Volume Two of RAVEN ROOST someday -- oh, and I loved “Old Idols” in IMELOD #9 as well!”
- James Ambuehl (author of From Between the Star-Spaces)

“DREAMS FROM RAVEN ROOST, VOLUME ONE -- Todd H. C. Fischer  (December
1997), 88 pages, 5.5” x 8.5”, $7 Canadian postage paid ($5.25 US, $9 overseas).  Checks payable to Todd or Melanie Fischer, order at: 
406-1540 Victoria Park Ave., Scarborough, ON M1L 4S1 Canada
“Likewise in the X-FILES mode, yet ultimately more satisfying, this booklet is comprised of a series of linked stories based on the role-playing game campaign the author took part in.  And these stories are whimsical, engaging, and, as I said before, ultimately satisfying (To be perfectly honest, when I found myself getting bogged down in ALIEN INTELLIGENCE I picked this book up -- and found myself forgetting A. I., and finishing this one up first!).
“The characters show true diversity, as only RPG characters can, and it is to Fischer’s credit as a writer that they truly come alive!  To be fair, a few of the characters seem a bit familiar – especially detective/pathologist Elizabeth Dana Anderson.  Yet with a strange blend consisting of the likes of Agent Nanook Hunter (I picture a cross between Lou Diamond Phillips and Steven Seagal from his ecological flick ON DANGEROUS GROUND), Takashi Nakamura (Oddjob from the James Bond film, GOLDFINGER, perhaps?), Marvin Stokes (Dr. Strange?) and Vampire Snoopy (I dunno ... Henry Rollins?), all part of the RCX, or Royal Canadian Executive -- be assured, a romping good time is had by all!
“They even go up against the forces of the Cthulhu Mythos here (as well as Werewolves, Satan and lots of Zombies!), so again this book is right up our alley!  Best of all, it seems kind of nostalgic for me – making me long for those long-gone RPG-ing days of my dim-remembered youth.  So buy Volume One ... and hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for Volume Two!”
- James Ambuehl (Dark Legacies #1)

Re: EOD Mailings

"John Goodrich, Alan Gullette and Todd Fischer dare to be fresh and outrageous."
- Ben Indick (EOD HP Lovecraft Amateur Press Association)

Re: A Far Better Thing …

“What an incredible tour-de-force of imagery--and excellently controlled ... very effective ...”
- Robert Simmons (Creative Writing Professor, York University)

Re: From Between the Star-Spaces

“I think your production [From Between the Star-Spaces] is top-notch. You really have a sense of publication layout which displays a great sense of quality and professionalism.  I’m sure people will feel they are getting what they pay for when they get this book!  Thanks for including me in this project!”
- Dan Ross (professional graphic artist)

Re: He Screamed, She Screamed (article co-written with Mel)

“Even though I don't read an awful lot of horror stories, I couldn't agree with you more. I think your advice could help a lot of authors...not just those of horror. Great article...I really enjoyed it.”
- Fay, from the Skybooks discussion group

Re: imelod

“When [Fischer] mentioned working hard on the HPL issues, I [had] to add that ‘Yes, it shows’—it was the same thoughts I had as I was going over the pages, that it was one heck of a lot of work.”
- L. Dickison (illustrator of Noctet, and others)

“Check out Imelod. It is a chapbook press and magazine. 90% of the books are by Todd H. C. Fischer, who is the publisher. And he is in every issue of the magazine. However, he is a good writer and I'm glad he is in every issue. “
- Carlton Mellick III (posted at Speculations: The Feedback Zone: The Rumor Mill: New Markets: Message Archive)

Re: “The Maleficent Seven”

“The first entry, ‘The Maleficent Seven (Or, Cthulhu and the Indians)’ by Todd H. C. Fischer, has just been posted! What a story!”
- Ricardo Madiera, The Cthulhu WebRing Newsletter, No. 6

“Yep, I quit horsin’ aroun’ and finally got ta reading that there yarn. It shore was a purty one.  I took quite a cotton to it ... one hell of a shine ... Anyway, I loved it! [‘The Maleficent Seven’] was hilarious, yet very obviously done with great care.  The characterization was especially great!  I’m going to be hard-pressed to try and beat this one!”
- James Ambuehl (author)

“A great story.”
- Steve Algieri (editor,

Re: “Old Idols”

“Gripping ...”
- Susan Swan (author of The Biggest Modern Woman in the World)

Re: Strange Revelations

“I … like what [Fischer is] doing and admire [his] talents … [Fischer has] poured a lot of work and thought into [the stories].”
- L. Dickison (illustrator of Noctet, and others)

“I am liking [Fischer’s] stories a lot as I go along and really admire what [he does] with [his] stories … I think it was wonderful how [Fischer] wove so much HPL imagry in the text, beautiful scenes and beautiful ideas.”
- L. Dickison (illustrator of Noctet, and others)

“Just received Strange Revelations yesterday—God, your pubs just look slicker and cooler each time! The cover of this one is a masterpiece of art design. A superb act of layout and design! And L. Dickison’s art is just groovy, especially that amazing cover! … Again, your book looks great! I’ve read about half of the stories in it…the illo for ‘The Trailer’ is cool…loved ‘Strange Revelations of Alexander Dyer’…”
- Jeffrey Thomas (editor, Necropolitan Press)

“I really enjoyed reading the stories and love the crafty sense of humour you add to much of your fiction. Strange Revelations now has a permanent position on my book shelf. Keep up the good work, old boy!”
- John. B. Ford (editor, BJM Press)

Re: “The Trailer”

(In Teratta: Abnormalities of Literature): “I particularly enjoyed James Doig’s ‘Kindness of Strangers’ and ‘The Trailer’ by Todd H. C. Fischer. I’m sure readers will look forward to seeing more of their work.”
- Letter from Norman Rudnich to Jeffrey Thomas (editor of Teratta)

(In Strange Revelations): “Great story.”
- L. Dickison (illustrator of Noctet, and others)

Re: “Warriors of the Worm”

(In The Sorceror’s Apprentices):
“…Fischer's well-crafted Warriors of the Worm…”
- Peter Guenther, Accursed Tomes Book Review webpage

In General

“…a writer with some of the sharpest dialogue anywhere!”
- Gary Thomas, “Tag Team: Collaboration as a Motivator”

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