Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Artistic Credits
Client: The Artificer’s Club, 2010 – logo design
Client: Dale Percy, 2009 – cover design for the book ‘Everyone’s Everyman’
‘Drew’s End’, webcomic, 2007-2008
Client: Henry Street High School Yearbook, 1991 – layout and spot piece illustrations
Client: private individual, 1991 – logo design
Client: private individual, 1991 – face painting
Client: St. John Ambulance, 1991 – flier illustration and design
Client: Downtown Oshawa Board of Management, 1991 – flier illustration and design
Client: private individual, 1991 – clock blueprint
Client: private individual, 1988 – mural drawing (a woman’s history in Canada)
Client: Ajax Missionary Alliance Church, 1998 – mural painting

Editorial Credits
Editor, ‘Ursus’ (medieval newsletter), 2002-2004
Editor, ‘Games Period’ (medieval newsletter), 2002
Editor, ‘TankArd’ (medieval newsletter), 2001-2002
Editor, ‘Kidsworthy’ (CNIB audio magazine), 2001-2006

Photography Credits
Schmap Toronto (9th ed.), 2009 (Metro Zoo section)
Maine Office of Tourism, 2010 (various promotional materials)

Voice Credits
Kidsworthy’ (CNIB audio magazine), 2001-206
Various talking books for the blind, CNIB, 2001-2010

Web Credits
Webmaster, central Ontario medieval society (SCA)
Webmaster, GTA east medieval society (SCA)
Webmaster, Bardic College of Ealdormere (medieval)
Webmaster, Games Guild of Ealdormere (medieval gaming)

Writing Credits
Contributor, Biff Bam Pop (webblog), 2008-2009
Contributor, Spaceship Zero RPG, Green Ronin Publishing, 2002
Correspondent (Ontario), SCAtoday (webblog)
Editorials, ‘The Vandoo’ Vanier College Newspaper, 1996-1998
Writer, ‘Kidsworthy’ (CNIB audio magazine), 2001-2006
Writer, ‘Ursus’ (medieval newsletter), 2002-2010
Writer, ‘TankArd’, 2001-2010
Writer, ‘Games Period’, (medieval newsletter), 2002
Writer, various publications for local hobby groups, 2001-present

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